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how for it

In section----  for sale----you can make for sale or to buy your stamps.

 You can make your advertisenent in our friends links here  as well  image   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------image---image---------

 image Attention:you can make your advertisement  in our websites as well,of course:CONTACT  US :     image    

Step One : The posibility to ask your shoolmates,neighbours or relatives to ensure to you any stamps/be careful-they have not to be damaged!!!/    image

 Step Two  :The choice of topic you want to collect-rest can be used for exchange or sale /natur.cultura,sport etc/.image

Step 3: The posibility to exchange the stamps that you have and dont collect-though internet /according to topic-nature,sport,etc.../.image

Step 4: You want your stamps make  for sale: for advanced/send the picture series you need to sale to our web sites,we will publish them for 1months-2 month and give you contact of the best offer/.image

Step 5:: The posibility to advertise also the sales or exchange of accesories/magnifying glasses,UV lamps,catalogues,album etc/.image

Step 6: Praparation of advisory section and news section  .We wish you entertainment ,knowledge ,new  friends and profit image

We are looking forward new philatelist colleagues .Tell it please to you friend as wellimage Dont collect everything!!!Let you have nice tabular and integral. Dont forget-keep smilling.-your editors.Goog luck.

 Welcome your  FILATELIE JUNIOR.






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